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Character Form - Ryan from Cloral Empty Character Form - Ryan from Cloral

Post  Lady Gaga on Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:18 pm

Name: Ryan
Age: 16
Years in territory: All his life
Eyes: Brown
Description Ryan is quite a specimen. He is powerful, however, and people will listen to whatever he says. Ryan only trusts and talks to those close to him, and is very passionate in everything he does. Though, he will try to stay out of trouble, but help those near him, both in heart, and in real life. He has curly brown hair, and a round face. Ryan is buff, but still looks like a normal teenager. He is caring, loving, but likes to keep to himself. He may be a normal teenager, but Ryan is as mature as a wiseman. He is not cocky...lets say that.
Pets: Riley the Otter
Talents: An amazing singer, actor, and author.
Weapons: Speargun
Gender: Male
Powers:Hydrokensis, breath under water, can swim under water as if he flying with ultimate grace, can create powerful waves within and above water.
Flaws: He doesnt like being around people, unless he has known them for a long time. However, he will do anything for these people, and may risk his life because of this.
Life before Traveler years: Ryan grew up in a normal life in Cloral. He was always found in his room, reading or writing a book. He barely sung around anybody, but when he was alone, he did. He had his friends, but as he grew up he drifted apart. He became boring, but tht all changed one day. Ryan was reading a book when he heard a large crash in his house. He ran around, looking franticly for what had made the noise. He found nothing. After days of worrying, and crying for some of the first times in his life, he found his dead parents laying still in his house. There he found a note, and it said he was a Traveler. Ryan then changed, and made sure to protect the ones he loved.
RP Example: So maybe I needed to get around town more. I never thought I would feel envy as I saw the teens, partying together, as I sulked. I looked at them, swimming about, with their drinks and dresses. Where were the parents? I thought about forgetting about them and reading my book, but I couldnt help it. Well, at least I had one friend, I said. As I said that, Riley ran into, playfully. I pet his soft fur.
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