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Post  Lady Gaga on Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:33 pm

It was nighttime, and everybody was asleep on my boat, except for me. I was on the top, watching the ocean around me. It rocked, slowly, back and forth. It was calming; the perfect place to think. Riley, my Otter, was beside me, sleeping soundly. I smiled at her. She was my only friend, even if she was just an otter.
I never woke her up, but this night was an exception.

Out in the distance, I saw a shadow. As the minutes passed by, it grew bigger, and I could finally tell it was a boat. It was as large as the one I lived in, and as it neared, I had a rush of curiousity rush though me. Usually this wouldnt happen, but maybe my lide was just too boring. Maybe I need this. I woke up Riley, and as usual, he woke up with energy, and together, we jumped out of out boat, and swam to the other boat. It was wooden, so it was easy to climb, and we climbg it in ease. As I jumped in the boat, a different emotion went through me. it all looked so familiar. That was when I realised this was my old boat where I used to live, before my parents died. I walked around, sad, hoping to find somebody, but I didnt. The boat was abanded. I thought, in the room where I used to live, which now contained nothing but a bed, about what I could do with this boat, when I got an idea.

It was time for me to make friends, and be around people. It was time to make this boat into a Cabin, where all the kids and travelers could come, and maybe I would finally find some friends.
The Cabin of Cloral is officially open!
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