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Post  My_Little_Pwny on Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:12 pm

As you know the Travelers have limited powers. I will change that. From now on, all Travelers can change into their quig from their territory (Veelox can turn into quig-bees). Also, you can have one other special power, depending on your territory, for example, Travelers from Zadaa can summon sandstorms, and use sand. If you come up with a good power, tell me, and I'll add it.

Zadaa- Sandstorm/Sand/Quig-Snake
Cloral- Hydrokinesis/Water/Quig-Shark
Eelong- Increased Senses/Extreme speed/Quig-human
Quillan- Extreme Smarts/Tricky(Mysterious)/Quig-spider
Denduron- Extreme Strength/Excellent Fighting/Quig-Bear
Veelox- Darkness Powers/Shadowy/Quig-Bee
Veelox- Peaceful/Emotion-Powers/Quig-Bee
Second Earth- Super-hearing/Werewolf/Quig-Wolf
First Earth- Wise/Future-Seeing/Quig-Wolf
Third Earth- Partying/Wine/Quig-Wolf

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